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What is VDP?

VDP, or variable-data printing, refers to the process of using variable elements such as text, graphics or images to create customized, “one-off” printed pieces using digital presses. The placement of these elements is driven by a database, allowing each recipient to receive a personalized piece tailored directly to their needs.

There are three main levels of variable-data printing, which increase in complexity and expected rate of response. The first level calls for the salutation to change on each copy. The second level of variable-data printing involves content that varies by region or target market. This level of customization can involve both text and picture changes. The third level includes full personalization on each piece, with text and graphics that change completely from copy to copy.

Variable-data printing technology lets you communicate on an individual basis with your customers, prospects or donors. This opens up a world of possibilities, including appealing to your recipients with regionally-specific offers; cross-selling other products or services based on prior buying habits; or creating individualized response devices that drive traffic to a website.

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